I Am The Walrus

The Beatles

H A G F E E7 D D7

AI am he as A/Gyou are he as Cyou are me
and Dwe are all toAgether A/G
CSee how they run like pigs from a gun
see Dhow they fly
I'm Acrying

ASitting on a cornA/Gflake A/F#
Fwaiting for the Gvan to Acome A/G
FCorporation tee shirt stupid bloody Tuesday
Hman you've been a naughty boy you let your face grow long

I am the Cegg-man, they are the Degg-men,
I am the EWalrus, Goo goo g' joob

Mister city p'liceman sitting
pretty little p'lice men in a row
See how they fly like
Lucy in the Sky see how they run
I'm crying

I'm Dsus4cry - ing, I'm Acrying, I'm Ecry - Ding D7

Yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye
Crab a locker fishwife pornographic priestess
boy you been a naughty girl you let your knickers down



HSitting in an AEnglish garGden waiting Ffor the Esun.
FIf the sun don't Hcome
you get a tan from standing in the English rain

Goo goo g' joob

Expert texpert choking smokers
don't you think the joker laughs at you?
See how they smile like pigs in a sty,
see how they snied
I'm crying

Semolina pilchards climbing up the Eiffel Tower
Element'ry penguin singing Hare Krishna.
Man you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe


DGoo goo g' joob, CGoo goo g' joob, Goo goo g' Hjoob

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