Simon & Garfunkel

C    C/B Am C/G F         C  C/B  Am C/G F 
Ooh ooh ooh  a ooh a ooh, ooh ooh ooh  a ooh a ooh

CLet us be C/Hlovers, we'll Amimarry our C/Gfortunes toFgether
CI've got some C/Hreal-estate Amihere in my Ami7bag
Emi7So we bought a pack of A7cigarettes, and Emi7Mrs. Wagner A7pies
And Dwalked Coff to Glook for ACmeC/HriAmicaAi7/6 F

CCathy I C/Hsaid as we Amiboarded the C/GGreyhound in FPittsburg
CMichigan C/Hseems like a Amidream to me Ami7now
It Gtook me four days to hitch-hike from Saginaw
And DI've Gcome to Dlook for ACmaj7mericaC

Bmaj7Laughing on the Bbus, playing Cgames with the faces
Bmaj7She said the man in the gabardine suit was a CspyC/H, Ami, C/G
FI said be careful Fmaj7his bowtie is really a CcameraC/H, Ami, C/G, Ami6, Fmaj7

CToss me a C/Hcigarette I Amithink there's C/Gone in my Fraincoat
CWe smoked the C/Hlast one an Amihour agoAmi7
Emi7So I looked at the A7scenery,  Emi7she read her magaA7zine
And the Dmoon Crose Gover an Copen C/HfieldAmi, C/G, F

CCathy I'm C/Hlost, I Amisaid, though I C/Gknew she was Fsleeping
I'm Cempty and C/Haching and AmiI don't know Ami7why
GCounting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike

They've Dall Gcome to Glook for ACmaj7merica
They've Dall Gcome to Glook for ACmaj7merica
They've Dall Gcome to Glook for ACmaj7mericaC

C   C/B   Am  C/G  Dm  F G  G7
Do do do do-da-do, do do do do-da-do (repeat and fade)

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Datum: 17. 3. 2011
Viděno: 2088
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