The wind cries Mary

Jimi Hendrix

CAfter all the Hbjacks are in their Fboxes

Cand the clowns have Hball gone to Fbed

Cyou can hear happines Hbstaggering on Fdown the street

GFootsteps Hbdressed in redEb E F

GAnd the Hbwind whispers EbMaryE F Eb E F

CA broom is Hbdrearily Fsweeping

CUp the broken peices of Hbyesterday's Flife

CSomwhere a Hbqueen is Fweeping

CSomewhere a Hbking has no EbwifeE F

GAnd the wind cries EbMaryE F Eb E F

LEAD|:F Eb Hb Ab:|3x G Hb Db F

CThe traffic lights turn Hbblue Ftommorow

CAnd shine the emptyness Hbdown on my Fbed

CThe tiny island Hbsags Fdownstreem

GCause the life that Hblived is EbdeadE F

GAnd the wind Hbscreams EbMeryE F Eb E F

CWill the wind Hbever Fremember

CThe names it has Hbblown in the Fpast

CWith its crutch,its old Hbage,and its Fwisdom

GIt whispers no,this will Hbbe the EblastE F

GAnd the wind Hbcries EbMaryE F Eb E F Eb E F Eb E F Eb E F

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Datum: 12. 7. 2009
Viděno: 3999
Poznámka: Hb je vlastne A#
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