Too Marvelous For Words

Frank Sinatra

You're Em7justA9 too Em7marveA9lous,
too Em7marveA9lous for EmwordsA7,
Like DgloriD6ous,  A7glamourous,
And Dthat old D6standby, GdimamorDous.

It's Em7allA9 too Em7wonderA9ful;
I'll Em7never A9find the EmwordsA9
That Dsay D6enough, Gdimtell eDnough --
I F#mean they G#m7just not C#7swell eF#nough.


Am7You're much too D9much, and Am7just to very Edimvery D+,
To Gmaj7ever G6be in DWeb - ster's Em7dictionA7nary.

And Em7soA9 I'm Em7borrowA9ing a Dlove song Dmaj7from the H7birds

To tell you that you're marvelous,
Too marvelous for words.

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