The Boxer

Simon & Garfunkel

GI am just a poor boy though my story's seldom Emtold
I have Dsquandered my resistance
For a D7pocket full of D6mumbles, such are Gpromises
All lies and Emjest, still a Dman hears what he Cwants to hear
And disregards the Grest D, D7, D6, G

When I Gleft my home and my family, I was no more than a Emboy
In the Dcompany of strangers
In the D7quiet of a D6railway station, Grunning scared
Laying Emlow, seeking Dout the poorer Cquarters
Where the ragged people Ggo
Looking Dfor the places D7only Cthey would Gknow

Lie la Emlie, Lie la Hmlie la lie la lie, Lie la Emlie,
DLie la lie la la la la, lie la la la la Glie.

Asking Gonly workman's wages I come looking for a Emjob
But I get no Doffers
Just a D7come-on from the D6whores on Seventh GAvenue
I do deEmclare, there were Dtimes when I was Cso lonesome
I took some comfort Gthere

DLie lie lie lie la C, C, G

Then I'm Glaying out my winter clothes and wishing I was Emgone
Where theD7New York City wintersD6aren't Gbleeding me Hm
Leading Emme, to going Dhome D7 G

In the Gclearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his Emtrade
And he Dcarries a reminder of ev'ry D7glove that laid him down
Or Gcut him till he cried out in his anger and his Emshame
I am Dleaving, I am Cleaving
But the fighter still reGmains mmmDmm mmmm D7 G


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