Poor wayfaring stranger

Spirituál kvintet

1. I am a Amipoor E7wayfaring Amistranger,
   While traveling Dmitrough this world of Amiwoe     
   Yet there´s no sicknes, E7toil or Amidanger,
   In that bright Dmiworld E7to which I Amigo.

2. I´m going Fthere to see my Amifather,  
   I´m going Fthere Gno more to Croam,  
   E7I´m only Amigoing E7over AmiJordan,
   I´m only Dmigoing E7over Amihome.

3. I know dark clouds will gather round me,
   I know my way, is rough and steep,
   Yet beateous fields lies just before me,
   Where god´s redeem their vigils keep.

4. I´m going there to see my mother,
   She sad she´d meet me, when I will come,
   I´m only going over Jordan,
   I´m only going over home.

5. I´ll soon be freed from every trial,
   My body sleep in the church yard,
   I´ll drop the cross of self-denial,
   And enter on my great reward.

6. I´m going there to see my Savior,
   To sing his praise forevemore
   I´m only going over Jordan,
   I´m only going over home.

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