I'll Be There For You

The Rembrands

A, A, A, G
ASo no one told you that was
gonna be this Gway
AYour job's a joke you're broke
your love life's C#miD.O.A.
GIt's like you're Hmialways stuck in
Asecond gear
When it Ghasn't been your
Dday your week your month
or even your Eyear but

AI'll be Dthere for Eyou
when the rain starts to pour
AI'll be Dthere for Eyou
like I've been there before
AI'll be Dthere for Eyou
'cause you there for me Gtoo A

You're still in bed at ten
and work began at eight
You burned your breakfast so far
things are goin' great
Your mother warned you there'll be
days like these
But she didn't tell you
when the world has brought you
down to you knees that


DNo one could ever know me
no one cold ever see me
F#misometimes the only one
who knows what it's like to be me
Hmisomeone to face the day with
Hmi7make it through all the mess with
Gsomeone I'll Dalways laugh with
Eeven under Dworst I'm Ebest with F#miyou

It's like you're always stuck . . . . .

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