Pretty Woman

Roy Orbison

G -----------------------------------------
D -----------------0-(let ring for 4 beats)
A -------------2---------------------------
E -0---0---4-------------------------------
This is played twice, then comes arpeggio:
G -----------------------------------------
D -----------------0---4---2---0-----------
A -------------2---------------------------
E -0---0---4-------------------------------
EPretty Awoman, walking F#mdown the street
Pretty Awoman, the kind I F#mlike to meet
Pretty Dwoman, I don't beElieve you; you're not true
No one could look as good as you
EPretty Awoman, won't you F#mpardon me
Pretty Awoman, I couldn't F#mhelp but see
Pretty Dwoman, you look Elovely as can be
Are you lonely just like me?
  DmPretty woman, Gstop a while, CPretty woman, Amtalk a while
  DmPretty woman, Ggive your smile to Cme 
  DmPretty woman, Gyeah yeah yeah, CPretty woman, Amwalk my way
  DmPretty woman, Gsay you'll stay with Cme

AOh, 'cause I F#mneed you; I'll Dtreat you Eright
ACome with me F#mbaby; be Dmine toEnight
EPretty Awoman, don't F#mwalk on by
Pretty Awoman, don't F#mmake me cry
Pretty Awoman, don't Ewalk away, hey... okay
If that's the Eway it must be then okay
I guess I'll go on home; it's late;
there'll be tomorrow night, but wait...
What do I see?  Is she walking back to me?
Yeah, she's walking back to me...
Oh, oh,
Pretty AWoman

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