E|------------------------0-------------------------| B|--------0-2-0-------0-2---2---2-2h3-0---3-3-2-2---| G|------2-------2---2-------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------|
ATender is the night GLying by your Aside ATender is the touch Of Gsomeone that you Alove too much ATender is the day The Gdemons go aAway ALord I need to find GSomeone who can Aheal my mind Chorus: AC'mon, c'mon, c'mon, Dget Cthrough it AC'mon, c'mon, c'mon, C#mlove's the Dgreatest thing C#mThat we Dhave C#mI'm waiting for that Dfeeling C#mWaiting for that Dfeeling AWaiting for that Gfeeling to Acome Oh my Ababy, oh my baby, oh E7why, oh Amy (1x the first time, 2x the second and third times) ATender is the ghost The Gghost I love the Amost AHiding from the sun GWaiting for the Anight to come ATender is my heart I'm Gscrewing up my Alife AOh Lord I need to find GSomeone who can Aheal my mind Chorus 2x Tender is the night Lying by your side Tender is the touch Of someone that you love too much Tender is my heart tonight I'm screwing up my life Oh Lord I need to find Someone who can heal my mind Chorus

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