I'm Old Fashioned

Jerome Kern

Amaj7I am not such a Hdimclever one
Am7About the latest D7fads
Gmaj7I admit I was Adimnever one
Am7Adored by local D7lads

Gmaj7Not that I ever try to be a C#m7b5saintF#7
Gmaj7Im the type that they Adimclassify as D7quaint

Gmaj7I'm Em7 old Am7fashionedD7
I Gmaj7loEm7ve the Am7moonlightD7
I Gmaj7love the old fashioned F#m7b5thingsH7

The Em7sound of A13rain
UEm7pon a window A7pane
The Am7starry Hm7song that C6apC#7ril D7sus4singsD7

Gmaj7This Em7years Am7fanciesD7
Are Gmaj7passing C#m7b5fanciesF#7
But Hmaj7sighing C#m7sighs Esm7holding Emaj7hands
F#7These my Asm7heart Am7underD7stands

I know Im old fashioned
But I don't mind it
That's Dmhow I G7want to C#m7b5beCm6
As Hm7long as Em7you A13agree
To Gmaj7stay Em7old Am7fashionedD7 with Gmaj7me


F#m7b5 2x221x
D13    xx0402

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