To Love Somebody

Bee Gees

Intro:	A   G    D A

Verse 1:
	There's a Alight, 
        HmiA certain kind of light
	DThat never shone on Ame
	GI want my life to Abe
	To live with Eyou
	To live with Dyou

	There's a way
	Everybody says
	To do each and every little thing
	But what does it bring
	If I ain't got you
	Ain't got... baby

	AYou don't know what it's Elike
	Baby, Dyou don't know what it's Alike
	To love someEbody
	To love someDbody
	The way I Alove you

(repeat intro)

Verse 2:
	Mmm, in my brain
	I see your face again
	I know my frame of mind
	You ain't got to be so blind
	And I'm blind, so so so very blind

	I'm a man, can't you see what I am
	I live and I breathe for you
	But what good does it do
	If I ain't got you
	Ain't got... baby

(repeat chorus)

	EI... (A)love you

(repeat chorus)


(repeat chorus; fade)

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Datum: 31. 1. 2012
Viděno: 1837
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